Solution-IV® RTS Point of SaleSolution-IV® RTS Point of Sale

Solution-IV™ RTS Order Processing and Point of Sale helps you more efficiently handle all aspects of the sale of your goods and services. As a Sports retailer and team supplier, Solution-IV has the features you need to quickly enter orders whether in stock or non-stock, and generate Purchase Orders as required.

Items can be bar code scanned for orders and POS streamlining the order process. P.O’s can be instantly generated, and kits or bundles are supported.

Solution-IV RTS is the accounting and business management solution that will help you run your business better.



The parameters allow you to customize the Order Processing package to your particular needs without having to make program changes. The parameters include such things as whether or not to post to General Ledger, whether or not to allow negative on-hand quantities, and whether or not you use pre-printed forms.

Order and Invoice Entry

Solution-IV Order Processing supports both single-step invoice entry as well as two-step order entry and subsequent invoicing. Matrix pricing is automatic based on the item, and calculates the extended quantity and cost automatically.

Order entry header, lines and Item Matrix

Order Processing Point-of-Sale screen


Quotes for inventory items as well as non-stocked items may be entered, printed, and retained, then later converted into "live" orders.

Debit and Credit Memos

You may process both debit and credit memos for miscellaneous charges and credits.


A required deposit amount may be specified when entering your order. The order may not be processed until the deposit has been received.

Point of Sale

Various points of purchase payment options may be user defined. The standard options normally used are cash, check, charge (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.) and on-account, but these are completely defined by you. A payment journal is automatically produced as part of the end of day Sales Journal and the payments are automatically posted to Cash Receipts, thus eliminating the need to "double enter" cash receipts.

Split Commissions

The commission available on an order may be split among up to three different sales representatives. The standard commission method for the sales representatives may be overridden by product line or item. Commissions may be calculated using the gross profit on the item, a flat amount, or by adding an additional amount to the standard commission for each item. The commission percentage may be overridden on a line-by-line basis in order entry.

Inquiry Option

A wealth of information is immediately available while entering the order. This includes customer balance due, customer aging and open invoice display, customer/item quantity and price history for this item, alternate item availability, quantity discount breaks for the item, and stock levels in other warehouses for this item.

Non-Stock Items

Non-stock items may be entered "on-the-fly" while you are entering your order and Purchase Orders immediately processed for non-stock orders.

Order Processing Non-Stock screen

Sales Analysis

All sales detail information is retained by Solution-IV Order Processing. Sales analysis reports are provided which show sales, cost of sales, gross profit, and quantities by item, customer, sales representatives, state, item/customer, customer/item, as well as two flexible Accounts Receivable class codes and four flexible Inventory Control class codes.

Priced Messages

Priced messages may be defined for such items as service charges, set up fees, and other fixed price services for which you bill.


Comment lines may also appear on your order. You may use these for standard messages such as "Thank you for your business!"

Estimated Ship Dates

Based on the items in the order and the production days for each item, an estimated ship date will be calculated. You may enter a date promised to the customer as well.


Items may be designated as subject to discount. This may be overridden on a line-by-line basis during Order Entry.

Item Internal Comments

An unlimited number of internal comments may be entered for any item. The internal comments are displayed for the data entry operator to see when the item is ordered. The comments might be used as a reminder to order additional products which are sold with the item ordered.

Customer Comments

Customer comments may be entered and will appear on the order itself. The item's customer comments may be modified on a line-by-line basis during Order Entry. These comments may be used for additional descriptive information about the item.

Credit Checking

Credit checking may be done during Order Entry. Credit checks may be based on balance due, or oldest invoice and past due balances.

Multiple Addresses

You may use one address for the customer’s ship-to, bill-to (statement), and invoice-to address, or you may set up different addresses for all three.

Contract Pricing

Customer contracts may be defined by customer, item, or customer and item combination allowing special pricing for a specific contract quantity of an inventory item.

Ship Complete

An order may be designated as "ship complete" to indicate that partial shipments are not acceptable for this order.


Reports include Orders, Quotes, RMAs, Picking Tickets, Shipping Labels, C.O.D. Tags, Packing Lists, Invoices, Sales Journal, Credit Exception Report, Lost Sales Report, Open Deposit Report, Automatic Backorder Release, Monthly Sales Journal, Order Status Report, Order Status Report By Item, Customer Sales Analysis, Item Sales Analysis, and Other Sales Analysis Reports.

Solution-IV Applications

Other modules in the Solution-IV Library consist of the following:

* Integrated with Bank Reconciliation
+ Required for Order Processing