Solution-IV® RTS PayrollSolution-IV® RTS Payroll

Solution-IV™ Payroll is designed to help you process your company payroll while at the same time providing you with analysis reports showing labor trends in terms of hours worked and labor costs by employee, department, earnings code, and job. Additionally, W-2's may be printed and quarterly reports provide the information needed to complete required governmental forms. The Payroll system handles multiple taxing jurisdictions as well as 401k plans.



The Payroll system parameters allow you to customize the Payroll package to your particular needs without having to make program changes. The parameters include such things as whether or not to post to General Ledger, if you want your tax deposits tied into Accounts Payable, and whether or not to accrue vacation and sick pay beyond the end of the year.

Maintainable Tax Tables

Solution-IV Payroll includes the tax tables for both federal taxes and all states in the United States which have a state income tax. These tables may be updated manually, or are updated and made available annually by Thoroughbred.

Tax Table Screen

Unlimited Earnings, Deductions and Taxes

Unlike some payroll systems, Solution-IV Payroll allows you to define an unlimited number of earnings codes, deductions, and payroll taxes.

401k Plans

You may designate which earnings codes should be included in the calculation of both employee taxes as well as employer taxes thus giving you both before and after tax earnings capabilities.


Regular, premium, bonus, vacation, sick, and holiday earnings are all handled. Earnings may be calculated based on hours worked or may be a flat amount. In addition, a limit may be defined for a given earnings code.


Deductions may be calculated based on a flat amount, percentage of gross, based on hours worked, or equal to a particular earning code. In addition, limits by pay period, month-to-date, quarter-to-date, and year-to-date may be defined. Minimum hours and earnings amounts may be applied for any deduction.


Federal, State, Local, FICA, Unemployment, Worker's Compensation, and miscellaneous employer contributions are all user definable. Contributions may be based on a rate per hour, percentage of gross, flat amount, or equal to a deduction code. Contribution limits may be set up by period, month, quarter, or annually.

Employee Taxes

Federal, State, Local, FICA, and Unemployment taxes may be defined using as many taxing jurisdictions for each employee as required. In addition, the calculation steps for each tax code may be user defined. If tax laws change, you can change the tax calculation method in most cases without requiring a change in the tax calculation system.

Automatic Payroll Selection

Each employee may be pre-defined with an earnings, deduction, and tax profile. Then, each payroll period, the employee can be selected automatically for processing. This feature means only the information which is different from period to period needs to be changed.

Pay Cycles

Daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly, quarterly and annual pay cycles may be defined on an employee-by-employee basis.

Integration with Accounts Payable

Employer contributions, employee taxes and employee deductions may all be posted to Solution-IV Accounts Payable automatically for subsequent payment.

Job Codes

Employee pay rates may be defined using job codes for rates which vary by employee/job combination.


Employees may work in multiple unions with deductions for initiation and membership fees.

Direct Deposits

Direct deposit plans are handled with Solution-IV Payroll with pay stubs only generated during the payroll cycle.


Both computer generated and manual payroll checks may be entered for each employee during the payroll cycle. Manual checks, computer calculated checks, and direct deposit checks may all be processed in the same payroll cycle.

Multiple Checks per Pay Cycle

Multiple checks may be cut for any employee in a given payroll cycle. For example, this might be useful for employees who want their vacation earnings on a different check from their regular earnings.

Demographic Database

The last review, next review, last raise, last pay rate, birth date, date of hire, and considerable other demographic information is maintained and can be viewed on several payroll reports or accessed from Query-IV.

Employee Masterfile Screen

Payroll History

Payroll history may be retained for as long as desired and a detailed check history report may be reproduced from the historical files at any time.

Vacation, Sick and Comp Time Accruals

Vacation, sick pay and comp time may be automatically accrued by the system. Each employee may be designated a given number of vacation and sick pay hours allowed per year. The system tracks hours accrued as well as hours taken.

W-2 Printing

Solution-IV Payroll handles W-2 printing for multiple taxing jurisdictions. Federal magnetic media reporting is available as well.

Tax Calculation Inquiry

This function allows you to change an employee's withholding allowance or tax calculation method and discover what impact these changes will have on the amount of tax calculated without actually running a "live" payroll.

Employee Comments

A full set of employee comments may be maintained for each employee. These can be used to track salary history or other general employee related information.

Employee Inquiry

This inquiry gives you demographic information, summaries of earnings, deductions, and taxes as well as a detailed check history.


Time Sheet Register

The Time Sheet Register allows you to review the results of Pay Period Initialization and Time Sheet Entry. This report may be printed whenever desired. It shows earning and deduction lines for checks and direct deposits.

Payroll Register

The Payroll Register prints results of the Gross to Net Calculation. It should be reviewed before printing the checks.

Check Printing

This function actually prints the payroll checks as well as the check stubs for those employees using direct deposit.

Check Register

The check register details the checks just printed and the earnings and deductions applied on this check.

Employee Masterfile Listing

This is a list of the employee information as found in Employee Maintenance. You may choose from a variety of sort and print options -- from a bare minimum amount of information to the full employee masterfile.

Employee Label Printing

This function is used to print labels using information from the employee masterfile.

Analysis Reports

These reports break down employee earnings, deductions, tax, or contribution codes. You can choose to print monthly, quarterly, yearly, and last year's amounts.

Labor Distribution Report

This report breaks down employee earnings by labor code. The report may be sorted by employee or labor code. You can choose to print monthly, quarterly, yearly and last year's amounts.

Job Pay Analysis Report

This report breaks down employee earnings by job code. The report may be sorted by employee or job code. You can choose to print monthly, quarterly, yearly, and last year's amounts.

Payroll Union Report

This report shows employee earnings sorted by the employee or union code. You may print a range or selected union codes and print monthly, quarterly, yearly, and last year's information.

Insurance Cross Reference Report

This report lists all employees showing age, gender, and marital status. It prints alphabetically by employee code.

Date Cross Reference Report

This report allows you to sort a range of employees by any one of the following dates: birth, start, last review, next review, last raise, termination, or rehire. It shows the number of months and years that have past since the selected date type occurred.

Employee Accrual Report

The Employee Accrual Report prints the current vacation and/or sick accruals for a range of employees. It can calculate the future cost of the time by employee.

Historical Payroll Register

This report reproduces past payroll check registers from the payroll history files. It can print quarterly, yearly, or a range of dates for a range of employees.

Quarterly 941 Form

This prints the required 941 form information.

Quarterly Tax Report

This report produces a list of gross earnings, taxable earnings and tax withheld for each employee sorted by tax withheld for each employee sorted by tax code.

Quarterly Contribution Report

This report produces a list of employees with their respective gross earnings and the employer contribution code.

W-2 Forms

This function prints the actual W-2 forms at the end of the calendar year.

Quarterly Check Register

The quarterly Check Register is a detailed list of all the checks that have been printed during the quarter. The register may optionally include outstanding checks from prior months.

AP Expense Transfer

This report prints a list of invoices to be transferred to the Solution-IV Accounts Payable package. Optionally, actual AP invoices may be created.

Solution-IV Applications

Other modules in the Solution-IV Library consists of the following:

* Integrated with Payroll