Solution-IV® RTS Accounts ReceivableSolution-IV® RTS Accounts Receivable

Solution-IV Accounts Receivable is a flexible and complete accounting software package designed to help you manage your customer base and incoming cash flow. Your sales and profit information, and cash receipts are organized into reports that show what you are selling, how profitable it is, who owes you money, and which sales representatives are making your sales. All of this can be done while saving time and increasing accuracy over a manual system.



The system parameters allow you to customize the Accounts Receivable package to your particular needs without having to make program changes. The parameters include such things as whether or not to post to General Ledger, how you post finance charges, your customer aging categories, how you handle sales commissions, and the next automatic invoice number.

Accounts Receivable Parameters Screen

Multiple Divisions

The customer can be assigned to a different division through use of posting codes. Each division may have its own accounts receivable, sales tax, freight, discounts, and finance charges.


Commissions may be paid on a gross or net invoice basis and also on all invoices or only on paid invoices. A report is printed at the end of each month detailing the commissions due.

Sales Representatives

Standard information about each sales representative is maintained including name, address, phone, and standard commission rate. Sales history and commission information is also tracked month-to-date, year-to-date, and last year.

Customer Information

Standard information about each customer is maintained in the customer masterfile such as name, address, customer type, default sales representative, terms code, resale certificate number, and discount rate. An Unlimited number of contacts and shipping addresses may also be maintained. Customer comments may be maintained in a free-form format. A separate file may be maintained for credit comments which can then be printed on the Aged Trial Balance report.

Customer Inquiry

Where speed and/or security are an issue, a customer inquiry screen is available allowing the operator to view customer information.

Sales History

Customer sales history is tracked and includes items such as last invoice and check information. The number and amount of sales, cash receipts, and finance charges month-to-date, year-to-date, and last year are also tracked.

Balance Forward/Open Item

Customers can be processed on either an open item or balance forward basis and you can have some customers operating on a balance forward basis and others on an open item basis.

Billing Codes (Items)

A file of billing codes (items) and comments can be maintained with standard information about each billing code such as description, unit of measure, standard price, and standard cost. Since sales are posted to General Ledger by billing code, the sales, returns, cost of sales, and inventory accounts are also maintained. Sales history is also tracked and includes sales, cost of sales, and quantity sold month-to-date, year-to-date, and last year.

Invoice Entry

Invoices, credit memos, debit memos, and adjustments are all entered in the same place. Invoices may be printed, if desired, on either plain paper or custom forms. An unlimited number of items and comment-only codes may be printed on each invoice. Sales tax, commissions, and trade discounts are calculated automatically, but may be overridden.

Recurring Invoices

Recurring invoices, such as service contracts or leases, may be entered once and then processed automatically.

Cash Receipts

Multiple bank (cash) accounts may be used in cash receipts -- any check may be deposited to any bank account. A check may be automatically distributed to invoices by date or invoice number range, or applied to individual invoices. Miscellaneous cash receipts may be entered as well as customer pre-payments.

Cash Receipts Screen

Finance Charges

A finance charge subsystem is provided to process past due accounts. Finance charges may be applied based on a selected aging category and can be a percentage of the overdue balance or a fixed amount.


Report Sorting

Nearly all reports allow you to sort by customer code, customer name, posting code, or class code.

Sales Journal

The Sales Journal is a series of four audit reports detailing the information entered in invoice entry -- sales, profit and commission, sales by item, and General Ledger postings.

Cash Receipts Journal

The Cash Receipts Journal is an audit report detailing the information entered during cash receipts entry.

Recurring Invoice Register

The Recurring Invoice Register details the selected recurring invoices. Once selected, the recurring invoices may be reviewed and/or modified prior to posting to the permanent files.

Customer Masterfile Listing

This report allows you to print the contents of your customer masterfile with a variety of sort options, ranges, and detail options.

Customer Labels

Customer labels are provided, allowing you to print labels using addresses from the main customer file, contact file, or shipping address file.

Aged Trial Balance

This report details your accounts receivable indicating the age of each invoice. The type of aging (by due date or invoice date) and the aging categories themselves are maintained in the Accounts Receivable Parameters. There are several sort and detail options associated with this report, along with the ability to print contact name, phone number, and credit comments for use in making collection calls.

Cash Expectation Report

This report helps you determine when you should anticipate receiving cash, and how much. The report may be printed using either the discount due date or invoice due date.


Customer statements may be printed and may include both dunning messages and standard statement messages. Statements may be printed either on plain paper or custom statement forms.

Analysis Reports

Several analysis reports are included which show sales and profit information by customer, sales representative, and billing code (item).

Commission Report

A commission report may be printed each month detailing the sales and profit information by sales representative and the commissions payable.

Sales Tax Report

A sales tax report may be printed each month to assist you in filling out your governmental sales tax returns.

Accumulation Journals

These reports provide a summary of your sales and cash receipts from the history files. You may print these reports for any range of dates, even for prior years, if the history has been retained.

Solution-IV Applications

Other modules in the Solution-IV Library consists of the following:

* Integrated with Accounts Receivable