Solution-IV® RTS Prospect ManagementSolution-IV® RTS Prospect Management

Solution-IV™ Prospect Management is designed to assist the sales staff of a Solution-IV Accounting® installation in managing their prospect database. Prospect Management is integrated with Solution-IV Accounts Receivable, giving the user the option to convert a prospect into a customer and then enter quotes or orders for the new customer. It is also integrated with the Solution-IV Gateway for Microsoft Office Library, allowing the user to generate form letters for either prospects or any of the alternate contacts.

Other features are included as well, such as fifteen (15) user-definable sort fields, full text field, last and next call dates (which can be updated automatically), and a full "to-do" list complete with text and phone calls to be made.



The parameters allow you to customize the Prospect Management System to meet the specific needs of your company. Here is where you will indicate the "days to add" when computing the next call date, as well as provide the descriptions for the fifteen (15) user fields.

User Class Codes

User class codes are the specific codes used within each of the various user fields defined in the parameters. Examples might be something like A-Agricultural under the user field Company Type.

Prospect Masterfile

The entire system revolves around the Prospect Masterfile. From within this screen you maintain the name and address information, all contact information, the tasks to be done for this prospect and any notes regarding the prospect.

Prospect Maintenance Screen

Contact Information

An unlimited number of contacts may be maintained for each prospect in the system.

Call Rescheduling

The Reschedule Calls function allows a sales rep to reschedule calls for a future date. This function is especially useful if the sales rep has gotten behind on calls either in general or because of a trip or other absence.


Prospect Masterfile Listing

The Prospect Masterfile Listing shows all of the prospect's information, including name, address, phone numbers, user fields, tasks and call notes.

Task List Report

The Task List Report combines all tasks from the task file, calls to be made and prospect notes for the specified sales representative. The report can be limited by date range, task type and/or task status.

Solution-IV Applications

Other modules in the Solution-IV Library consist of the following:

* Integrated with Prospect Management