Solution-IV® RTS Accounts PayableSolution-IV® RTS Accounts Payable

Solution-IV Accounts Payable is a flexible and complete accounting software package designed to help manage your vendor base, make payments to vendors, and control outgoing cash flow. Purchases and payments are organized into reports that illustrate where your money is going, who needs to be paid, and how much cash you need to make timely payments to take advantage of discounts. All of this can be done in a time saving manner and with increased accuracy over a manual system.



The system parameters allow you to customize the Accounts Payable package to your needs without requiring program changes. The parameters include such things as whether or not to post to General Ledger, whether you post on a cash or accrual basis, whether you use vouchers or invoice numbers, and your vendor aging categories.

Cash vs Accrual

A seamless interface is provided with the Solution-IV General Ledger system on either a cash or accrual basis.

Multiple Divisions

Each vendor may be assigned to a different division through the use of posting codes. Each division may have its own accounts payable, sales tax, freight, and discounts accounts. Nearly all reports may be sorted by posting code.

Vendor Information

Standard information about each vendor is maintained in the masterfile such as name, address, 1099 information, and default General Ledger distribution. An unlimited number of contacts and purchase addresses may also be maintained. Vendor comments can be maintained in a free-form format.

Vendor Inquiry

Where speed and/or security are an issue, a vendor inquiry screen is available allowing the operator to view vendor information.

Vendor Inquiry Screen

Purchase History

Vendor purchase history is tracked and includes items such as last invoice and payment information. Additionally, the number and amount of purchases and payments made month-to-date, year-to-date, and last year are maintained.


Either invoice numbers or internal voucher numbers may be used in both invoice entry and manual check entry. If internal voucher numbers are used, the vendor invoice number may be entered as well.

Solution-IV Applications

Other modules in the Solution-IV Library consists of the following:

* Integrates with Accounts Payable