Solution-IV® RTS ShippingSolution-IV® RTS Shipping

UPS WorldShip®/FedEx Ship Manager® Interface

Solution-IV to UPS WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager Interface helps companies who are utilizing both systems to dramatically increase efficiency by greatly reducing manual entry and potential for errors.

By adding the interface to your existing Solution-IV system you'll gain automatic, two-way communication between your Solution-IV software and UPS WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager. That means that you can initiate WorldShip and Ship Manager shipments right from inside Solution-IV. WorldShip and Ship Manager will grab the Order Information directly from Solution-IV and both systems will update the Order's shipping file with such information as number of cartons, weight, costs, and tracking numbers.


  • No more having to schedule time for Importing/Exporting information.
  • Will bring Shipping Address, Name, Shipping method and other fields into UPS WorldShip and Ship Manager.
  • Important data such as shipping costs, weight, and tracking numbers will be directly written to the Order Shipping file.
  • Can be installed on multiple workstations where UPS WorldShip or Ship Manager is installed.
  • Easy-to-use configuration screen.
  • Save a tremendous amount of time by not having to enter the same data multiple times.
  • Reduce errors caused by manual data entry.