Solution-IV® RTS AnalyticsSolution-IV® RTS Analytics

New! - e-Dash™

The Solution-IV Analytics e-Dash enables you to view and manage your accounting records from one dashboard screen. Use your browser to view all data. The page is set-up to display the information you most often use and then drill down to display more specific information.

To view the e-Dash demo click here.

Sample Analytics screen with drill down

See additional samples below.


  • Analytics screen: Displays the data you most often need to view.
  • Display graphic representations of data: with your browser data will display your data graphically with bar, pie, speedometer and other chart types
  • Click and Access data directly through your browser: Easy access through your browser.
  • Can be customized for your business: Tailor the information to the way you run your business. Different main screens can be set-up for different departments.
    • Executive
    • Accounting
    • Sales
    • Production

e-Dash Example

Sample Solution-IV Analytics Main Page
Sample Analytics main screen

Drilldown Examples

Order/Invoice Listing
Sample drilldown Order/Invoice listing

Item History Listing
Sample drilldown Item History listing

Customer Pricing History
Sample drilldown Customer Pricing History

Display data to compare customer activity, monthly sales, amounts due, amounts received, orders, backorders, and more with grids and menus that can be filtered by column.

Monthly Sales Listing and Information
Sample drilldown Monthly Sales Listing and Information

Make Critical Business Decisions

To make the decisions critical to your company, Solution-IV Analytics provides instant information at your fingertips from one screen. The ease of use will save you time and money.

To see how e-Dash can help you run your business better click here.